Big changes come with big efforts

Our past, our present and our future

Josephine & Uri, a dream, 23 years ago

From South Africa to Mallorca

The dream of starting an ostrich farm began on the South African savannah, watching a pair of ostriches strolling peacefully in the hot southern sun. Their beauty, elegance and determination inspired the adventurous couple, Josephine and Uri, to dream of a different future. After a tragic robbery, and a miraculous recovery, the couple with two little ones remembered the dream they had in front of two majestic birds. Artestruz is born.

Our purpose and passion for ostriches

We have a clear mission

Our passion has been inspired by our experience with our animals. Each one as different as we are, each one with its own character, its own personality, its relationship with us and with others. Our mission is simple, we want to pass on our passion for ostriches. But not in just any way. We want to do it with respect and in an enriching way for our ostriches, our society and our environment.

Meet our experts
Ohad Frans Loffler
Jonathan Jaim Loffler
Uri Loffler
Josephine Desirée van Stokkum
Over time we aspire to be an example of a self-sustainable farm where the products and services offered are local, quality and accessible. We want to offer our visitors an authentic experience and also reduce the damage caused by industry and agriculture.
We get to know our ostriches individually, treat them with respect and receive the same in return. The effort is greater, but so is the reward. Our family business format allows us to introduce you to our ostriches with all our experience of living with them since 1998.
There have been many cases of people entering in fear, terrified, or with a phobia of feathered or scaly-footed animals. In the vast majority of cases, these people have managed to pet an ostrich on their visit. It is not always possible, but if we have the time and you have the desire to better yourselves, we will do our best to help.
In terms of taste, they are very similar. The texture is where they differ. Ostrich eggs have a creamier yolk and a thicker white. Those who like eggs tend to like ostrich eggs, but as you know, everyone is diferent! In any case, it is an unforgettable experience to cook and eat a giant egg!

Excellent reviews on Google and Tripadvisor

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