Exotic handicrafts produced in Mallorca

Artestruz is a visiting farm, but it is also much more. Our life experience has taught us to be in contact with various industries. Come and discover exotic handcrafted products made in Mallorca and other international products.

The main ostrich industries are leather, feathers, meat, eggs, egg shells, and oil.


Buy an ostrich egg!

Our farm produces marvelous ostrich eggs. With the ostrich egg you can prepare an amazing and tasty fried egg (the taste is very similar to a chicken egg). The shells are a natural, elegant and simple decorative piece.

Fun fact: in 2004 we got the biggest egg in the world at Artestruz.

On this website you can buy your eggs or eggshells and have them delivered directly to your home, so you can have the Artestruz experience wherever you want!

Available soon.

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