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Ostriches won't leave you indifferent!

Very interesting, playful and a bit naughty.


The taste of Artestruz

Experience preparing and tasting a giant fried egg.


Summary: at ostrich speed

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Our cafeteria

Our ostrich trained to ride respectfully has decided to retire. Until further notice you cannot ride an ostrich.

Welcome to our family run educational farm.

Founded in 1998 thanks to the Loffler family’s dream of bringing these wonderful winged friends from South Africa; Artestruz is a world full of love and respect for animals, an experience to enjoy incredible moments! From learning about the history of these mysterious birds, taking authentic photos, to cooking a giant egg!

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Children connected with nature in 2019
Children connected with nature in 2019
Eggs laid
Eggs laid
Collaborations with social purposes in Artestruz since 2018
Collaborations with social purposes in Artestruz since 2018

Get to know our history

  • 1998
  • 2007
  • 2014
  • 2019

Josephine van Stokkum & Uri Loffler

Josephine and Uri decide to return from South Africa to Mallorca, where they met, to raise their two children in Mallorca. On their return they bring with them a peculiar dream: to set up an ostrich farm.

Winged Friends

Over time, the family grew fond of these peculiar animals and decided to dedicate their time to teaching their visitors about the amazing world of ostriches. ARTESTRUZ becomes an educational farm.

Delicious news

Artestruz opens its cafeteria and open kitchen area where you can enjoy cooking a delicious fried ostrich egg or have lunch surrounded by these exotic animals.

A space to enjoy

The farm opens its doors for private events looking for unique activities (team building, birthdays, meetings).

Enjoy and learn

Our activities have purpose

Our activities are designed to be enjoyed both alone and in groups. Our activities are designed to meet the needs of our customers, always thinking about the welfare of our ostriches and workers.

Visits at Artestruz

Visit and learn about the evolution, skills, behaviours and many other interesting details of the ostrich and get in touch with curious and funny animals. Bonding with these magnificent birds is easy at Artestruz. Either way, it’s great to visit our farm!

Cafeteria & Open Kitchen

After meeting the ostriches, and after experiencing all those emotions… we are hungry! Well, that’s great, we present our culinary offer. Whether you fancy a drink or you want to fry a giant Flintstones-style egg, we have a plan for you. Discover all the options you can enjoy in our cafeteria.


Years of experience with ostriches

Our love for ostriches is our pride and joy. We have devoted a large part of our lives to these wonderful animals, and we plan to devote much more to them.

Loffler family


Artestruz is a visitor farm, but it is also much more. Our life experience has taught us to be in contact with various industries. Come and discover exotic handcrafted products made in Mallorca.

Events and incentives

Discovering Artestruz is a very interesting activity to do in a group. Appreciate nature, come into contact with animals that guarantee a fun time, and culminate with an original gastronomic experience and a visit to the boutique.

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