A family friendly farm since 1998.

Our ostrich farm is an Ostrich Education Center for all ages. 

A guide can teach you incredible facts about these ancient birds, in a safe and respectful environment.

Ostriches are very curious and always like to play with people! Moreover, our guides will help you to cuddle and feed them too.

Although the farm exclusively produces eggs, in the boutique you will find exclusive ostrich by-products made in Mallorca and beautiful art work done on the farm.

Thanks to our passion and experience we are rated as one of the best attractions in Mallorca year after year. We hope you give the farm a rating one day too :)


So come learn, enjoy, and experience the ARTESTRUZ world.


See you soon!

Plan your visit!

Opening times

Open: Saturday and sunday. 10:00H to 16:00H. Last admission 15:00H.


Closed: Monday to Friday.

Visit with Tour

A guide will teach you amazing facts about one of the most ancient animals on earth. Get in contact with these admirable birds. Your visit will be done with respect towards the ostriches and in a safe environment for everyone. Tour starts at 11:00 and the duration is approx. 1 hour.

Visit without Tour

For those who prefer to visit without a Tour, from 12:30 the entrance price is reduced.

Reserve your visit!

We recommend you make a reservation as we have reduced the maximum capacity of visitors on the farm. See more info below.

Ostrich Ride

Jambo has a particular gentle and patient character. Two professional monitors will teach and acompany the rider throughout the session. Our priority is Jambo's comfort and well-being.

Original T-shirt included.

An amazing experience specially for kids!

Weight Limit: 35 kg. 

Only with confirmed reservation.

40,00 €


Please note: Our clients have been experiencing problem to reach us via Apple Maps and other navigation systems, therefore please use google Maps

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07630 Campos

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